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Ocean Education Workshops

Discover our weeklong programs, driven by a hands-on, experience-based approach, focused on ocean science & conservation.

Education designed to connect young students to the marine environment and inspire
an ethic of ocean stewardship.
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Program Details:
  • Flexible 5-day program led by knowledgable and passionate SC Educators

  • Experience-based education including engaging lessons, hands-on experiments, meaningful field missions, & creative projects 

  • Established curriculum covering oceanography, marine biology, coastal ecology, as well as our human connection to the ocean & the many issues facing it

  • Instruction in both the marine environment and in classroom or other settings

  • Pricing ranging from $1,500-$3,000, with funding guidance provided

Our Curriculum:

Workshops are driven by the Saltwater Classroom Core Curriculum, a thorough crash course on all things ocean that applies to the Ocean Literacy Framework as well as the National Science Education Standards Content Standards.

Through workshops, students will gain an understanding of the ocean as a global system, a specific grasp on coastal ecosystems, including their local ecosystem, an introduction to many different species of fish, marine mammals, and seabirds, as well as an understanding of the many issues facing oceans today and how their individual actions can help the oceans. 

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“Saltwater Classroom is an amazing program. Teachers are flexible, kind and caring. My son loved his time with them. He came home with so much knowledge of our local ocean/tide pools. Thank you!”
- Parent, January 2022
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