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Saltwater Classroom is building Phase II:
app-based platform where young students can learn about our oceans & connect with one another, growing a global network of ocean stewards. Learn more & get involved!

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The development of a tech-integrated platform for ocean education is a key strategic initiative for Saltwater Classroom. This platform will provide young students with a fun and interactive way to learn about the ocean and its importance, and has the potential to make a significant impact in the field of ocean literacy.

A global educational opportunity to bridge cultural differences and geographic divides, uniting over a commitment to our oceans.
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It is a big step, but you can help us get there.

Get Involved.

  • Suggest funding opportunities.

  • Connect us with an educator.

  • Introduce us to a collaborator.

  • Brainstorm ideas together.

  • Share your experience.

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Hear for Yourself!

Listen to SC Participants' excitement for Phase II.

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Check out the recent feature on Saltwater Classroom's Phase II
in Maine Magazine. 
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