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Our Values

Our values form the bedrock of our mission. We are driven by a commitment to Collaboration, Inclusivity, Creativity, Curiosity, Sustainability, and Stewardship. These values guide our efforts in every aspect of our work, from engaging with diverse communities to protecting our oceans and lands, all while fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Our dedication to these principles enables us to provide impactful and immersive ocean education that empowers individuals to become passionate advocates for the preservation of our marine ecosystems.

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At Saltwater Classroom, we believe in the power of collaboration as a driving force for ocean conservation and recognize the profound impact of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in tackling complex challenges. By fostering partnerships with local communities, ocean experts, educators, and fellow non-profits, we create a powerful force for positive change, ensuring a more sustainable and resilient future for our precious marine ecosystems and the communities intertwined with them.


Everyone's voice matters. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that people from all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities have equal opportunities to engage with and learn about the wonders of the ocean. Together, we inspire a global community committed to cherishing and preserving our marine ecosystems.

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Curiosity drives discovery, and at Saltwater Classroom, we cultivate a sense of wonder about the ocean and the mysteries it holds. By nurturing curiosity through hands-on exploration, immersive learning, and thoughtful questioning, we empower individuals to become lifelong learners and passionate ocean advocates.


We value creativity not only as a means of sparking innovation but as a fundamental approach to how we view challenges, address them, and grow from them. We encourage creative thinking in every aspect of our work, from designing engaging educational programs to finding novel solutions to complex ocean issues. We believe that by embracing creativity, we can unlock new perspectives and ignite the passion needed to protect our oceans and inspire a sustainable future.

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We recognize our responsibility to actively care for the fragile ecosystems of our oceans and the lands we operate on, especially the traditional, unceded lands of various Indigenous communities. Stewardship is our commitment to nurturing and protecting these environments for current and future generations. By fostering a culture of stewardship, we encourage individuals to become dedicated custodians of our natural world, promoting responsible actions, sustainable practices, and a deep respect for the interconnected web of life. It is through this stewardship that we endeavor to create a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans, lands, and all who call them home.


We are deeply committed to not only imparting knowledge about the importance of sustainability but also actively practicing it. Our clean-up efforts in coastal regions and marine habitats stand as a testament to our dedication to protecting the ocean's delicate ecosystems. We firmly believe that every individual can make a significant difference, and we empower people to take meaningful action, whether it's participating in beach clean-ups, reducing single-use plastic consumption, or advocating for policies that support the preservation of our seas. By blending education and action, we strive to cultivate a community of ocean stewards who contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

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Unceded Land Acknowledgement

Saltwater Classroom acknowledges that our organization operates on the traditional, unceded lands of various Indigenous communities here in Maine, including the Wabanaki Confederacy: the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, Micmac, and Abenaki peoples. We understand the profound importance of recognizing and respecting the history, culture, and sovereignty of these Indigenous communities. It is imperative to acknowledge that these lands were never surrendered or ceded. Saltwater Classroom is committed to fostering a greater understanding of the lessons we can learn from the Indigenous peoples who have stewarded these lands for millennia. Through our educational programs and interactions, we aim to amplify Indigenous voices and perspectives, recognizing that there is much wisdom to be gained from their deep connection to the land and water. In this spirit, we are dedicated to nurturing a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation with the Indigenous communities whose homelands we work and learn on.

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