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Ocean Educator Team

Help grow a new wave of ocean education with Saltwater Classroom!

About the Team:

A dedicated group of educators passionate about advancing ocean education through Saltwater Classroom's Phase II online platform. Committed to fostering a sustainable future through enhanced ocean literacy, our advocates play a crucial role in supporting, testing, and growing this innovative project.

What to expect:

  • Advocacy: As advocates, our educators champion the importance of ocean education within their communities and educational networks. They actively help to promote Saltwater Classroom's Phase II platform, raising awareness about its value in fostering ocean literacy.

  • Testing and Feedback: Our team actively engages with the platform, providing valuable insights and feedback on its functionality, content, and user experience. This feedback loop ensures continuous improvement and relevance.

  • Resource Development: Collaborating with Saltwater Classroom team, our educators contribute to the development of educational resources, materials, and lesson plans that align with the platform's objectives. These resources empower teachers to effectively integrate ocean education into their curricula.

  • Monthly Brainstorms: Regular Google Meet sessions offer a space for brainstorming, idea sharing, and problem-solving. These collaborative sessions allow educators to share best practices, discuss challenges, and collectively shape the future of ocean education.

  • Email Updates: Following each meeting, participants receive concise email updates summarizing key takeaways and action items. These updates ensure transparency and keep everyone informed about the project's progress.

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