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Fall 2016

In 2016, in a small school in the cerros, or hills, above a coastal Chilean city, Alexandra Doudera first had the vision for what would become Saltwater Classroom. She envisioned an opportunity for young students, like the ones pictured here, to learn about the ocean and connect with one another, growing a global network of ocean stewards.

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Fall 2017

The idea continues to grow.

Saltwater Classroom serves as the subject of Lexi’s senior thesis project at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. 

July 2018

It's time to put the idea to the test! The newly forming SC team, led by Lexi and Olivia, complete the first week-long Ocean Education Workshop in Camden, ME!

January 2019

Saltwater Classroom heads to Mexico for the first international workshop. A lasting relationship is formed in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico with the Costa Verde International School.

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May 2019

Enter crowdfunding! Saltwater Classroom launches Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and surpasses their goal.

Spring-Summer 2019

We continue to grow our list of supporters and implement more workshops including Camden Rockport Middle School, Sweet Tree Arts School, Waynflete School, and Vinalhaven School.

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August 2019

Recieve our 501(c)3 status from the IRS. Generous contributions are now tax-deductible!

Fall 2019

The team returns to Sayulita, Mexico for an extended program at Costa Verde. We collaborate with El Centro Creativo, a local community center, to run our first program taught entirely in Spanish!

Winter 2019

Saltwater Classroom makes progress on the second phase of our approach, an app-based ocean learning platform. Hear the excitement for the project from SC participants!

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In the face of a global pandemic, Saltwater Classroom, like all, adapts our programming and begins offering virtual workshops. Our first in November had over 200 registrants!

May 2021

SC Founder Lexi Doudera delivers a compelling
TedX talk at Northeastern University.

August 2021

The first annual Summer Fundraising Party! A wonderful evening to connect with and grow our network of supporters. More to come!

January 2023

An article focused on Saltwater Classroom's innovative tech-integrated Phase II is featured in Maine Magazine. 

August 2023

Phase II for Saltwater Classroom is supported by Maine Technology Institute, an innovator driving sustainable change in tech and workforce development in Maine. A major step forward for this exciting next step!

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