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Olivia Dawson

Board of Directors

Olivia Dawson

South Portland, Maine

she, her, hers


How do you spend your days? What are your passions? What is your occupation?

I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors, some of my favorite outdoor activities are skiing, walking my dog, swimming, beach days, volleyball, hiking, and biking. I am the Logistics and Operations coordinator for an environmental non-profit named REVERB.

Explain your connection to the ocean. How does it influence your life?

I have always loved the ocean, there is almost nothing better than the smell of salty air and a sunny dip. I am lucky to live right near the ocean in Portland, ME. I get to see the ocean every day, and even get to touch it most days. The ocean plays a big roll in my life, it regulates the climate, provides yummy food, beauty, and endless activity.

The mission of Saltwater Classroom is to bring together young students, as well as learners of all ages, through an innovative approach to ocean education. How does this apply to your experience?

Ocean education is such a wonderful topic to introduce students to science. Taking the learning out of the classroom and to the ocean's edge increases engagement. The topic, which most people find generally interesting, lends itself to creative thinking and problem solving. The more one learns about the ocean, the more one is able to directly connect themselves to it, no matter where in the world you live. Once there is a personal connection established, there is a curiosity to learn more and protect the incredible resource.

What are your earliest ocean memories?

I remember curling up in the bow of a little boat taking naps in the sunshine while being rocked by the waves.

If you had to pick one thing, what is your favorite aspect of the ocean? We know, it's a broad question.

Staring off at the ocean always seems to provoke deep thinking. There is something transformative about how the ocean takes over your senses (smell, sound, sight, even feel (bonus points if your feet get lapped by the waves)) that provides the ideal backdrop for thought.

Is there a dream ocean destination on your list? Where would you travel to next?

I would love to go to Patagonia and see the ocean interact with the dramatic landscape down there.

Anything else to add?

Operations & Logistics Coordinator

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