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James Merrill

Board of Advisors

James Merrill

Venice Beach, California

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Opolis Optics

How do you spend your days? What are your passions? What is your occupation?

Founder of sustainable brand. Passions are traveling, surfing, snowboarding, working out, spending as much as time in the wilderness.

Explain your connection to the ocean. How does it influence your life?

The ocean is where I feel the most myself. It is my playground and my therapist. It is not judgmental, it is scary and beautiful at the same time. Without it, I feel like a piece of myself is missing.

The mission of Saltwater Classroom is to bring together young students, as well as learners of all ages, through an innovative approach to ocean education. How does this apply to your experience?

Education around sustainability needs to start with mainstreaming phases like “environmental justice,” “circular economic supply chain,” “outbound vs ocean found plastic,” and words like “traceability, “accountability” and “true conservation" at an early ages in our youth's development. The best and most viral success with education around sustainability has been at elementary school through university levels. Saltwater Classroom's role in ocean conservation is critical. They are at the forefront of addressing change at the very beginning of ocean conservation supply chain of change.

What are your earliest ocean memories?

Boogie boarding the waves of southern Maine and boating up and down the coast of Maine with my family.

If you had to pick one thing, what is your favorite aspect of the ocean? We know, it's a broad question.

Its power to heal.

Is there a dream ocean destination on your list? Where would you travel to next?

To surf the Maldives.

Anything else to add?

Thank you for this survey.

Founder & CEO

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