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Alexandra Doudera

Founder & Executive Director

Alexandra Doudera

Portland, Maine

she, her, hers

How do you spend your days? What are your passions? What is your occupation?

I spend my days thinking about Saltwater Classroom mostly! That and something creative mixed in, sewing and knitting these days, and adventures with my partner, Alex.

Explain your connection to the ocean. How does it influence your life?

I have always felt an innate connection to the ocean. It's a very grounding presence in my life. Really couldn't imagine being far from it for very long. I think the biggest influence is the constant rhythm and flow of it, reminding us that life comes in waves, to be patient and accepting.

The mission of Saltwater Classroom is to bring together young students, as well as learners of all ages, through an innovative approach to ocean education. How does this apply to your experience?

The vision of Saltwater Classroom is, of course, very aligned with my own personal vision. I am inspired by a sustainable future for our planet, driven by a deeper love and appreciation for our oceans. I believe that the first step in this is education, and that is where Saltwater Classroom comes in.

What are your earliest ocean memories?

I grew up in Penobscot Bay and my earliest ocean memories are closely tied to that seascape. We had a sailboat and spent lots of time during the warmer months out on the bay and exploring islands. I always loved crab hunting with my older brothers and have vivid memories of baiting a rusty hook of our wooden hand liners with hot dogs and salami.

If you had to pick one thing, what is your favorite aspect of the ocean? We know, it's a broad question.

My favorite aspect of the ocean is how it brings us all together. No matter where one calls home, we are all connected by the ocean. It's as elemental as the air we breathe.

Is there a dream ocean destination on your list? Where would you travel to next?

So many... the coast of Portugal is on top I'd say!

Anything else to add?

I appreciate YOU being a part of the SC Community -- thanks!

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